Get Ready for the Fourth Industrial Revolution

When it comes to digital transformation, there isn’t a finish line. In today’s constantly changing environment known as the Fourth Industrial Revolution, companies must adapt their learning environments accordingly.

Artificial intelligence, virtual reality, disruptive technologies, and trends like the internet of things are dramatically changing our reality. According to Ronald A. Heifetz, there are two types of change – adaptive and technical.

Adaptive challenges require novel solutions and new learning, while technical challenges match well with a thought-out, detailed plan and can be solved by the knowledge of experts.

Adaptive Challenges

Adaptive challenges can only be addressed through changes in people’s habits, beliefs, priorities, and mindsets in general. Successful adaptive change comes from the ability to leave behind everything that stands in the way of progress. Collaboration between educational institutions, the next generation of industry, and the government will be essential to create a shared vision of the future.

The fourth industrial revolution is requiring a new type of leadership – adaptive leadership. Organisations that understand and embrace this environment can thrive, while others will simply fail.

The deep changes expected in a new era of advanced technologies will require leaders of new-era industry to be agile and adaptive to new approaches to leadership.

Technical Challenges

The average lifespan of a large organisation has dropped from 60 years to just 18 years in the last 60 years. Will the organization survive, decline or grow in the next stage if it’s lifecycle will depend on the level of embracing new technologies and leadership style.

Technical challenges of the new industrial revolution could be defined as those which the problem definition is clear and to which leader or expert can provide a solution. Usually, this challenge is much easier to resolve in comparison to the adaptive challenges.

The speed and depth of the Fourth Industrial Revolution force us to rethink how organizations create value. The one thing is sure – change is inevitable, and only the organizations who embrace change can expect success in the ever-changing and highly competitive environment.

About Aputomics

Aputomics is a platform that connects organizations with Artificial Intelligence specialists worldwide. We are able to discover and address the needs of modern companies when it comes to innovation and implementing machine learning and automation models.

A few live examples of the implementation of AI that Aputomics develops and implements are self-driving cars, chatbots, AI assistants, smart logistics, using algorithms to predict and analyze customers’ behaviours and much more.